Vote Machine

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The SLSA Voting Machine (kit) is an open source object designed to facilitate open and totally secure elections for SLSA directors, HOF Inductions and any other election or polling requiremnt.
The 'Voting Machine' in fact, consists of 2 main scripts, 4 main notecards plus some additional smaller scripts and identifying notecards which will be outline below.

The Componenents of the Voting Machine are:-

To hold an election using the Voting Machine:-

  1. Rez a Prim
  2. Name the prim something identifiable (like "SLSA March 1st 2014 Director Election")
  3. Place the Configuration note card config into the prim, and edit it and edit the values within it to meet the start and end times, number of options for the election.
  4. Place the Officials note card officials into the prim, edit it with the (space separated) name, email address, and uuid of each of the 5 election officials (one official per line)
  5. Place the Choices note card choices into the prim, edit it with the names of the choices that will be available for the voters for this election
  6. Place the Voters note card voters into the prim, edit it with the list of eligible voters for the election, use legacy name format and include 'resident' for voters with one name
  7. Have each official create a note card and name it 'pass' have them place a secret word or phrase known only to them inside the card, save it, and set it to no copy and no modify
  8. Place each of the 5 'pass' note cards into the prim
  9. Place the 5 emailing scripts into the prim email_1_2_1, email_1_2_2, email_1_2_3, email_1_2_4 and email_1_2_5
  10. Place the Memory Storage script VotingMachineMemory2.0 into the prim
  11. Finally and lastly, place the main script VotingMachine2.02 into the prim

When the main script is placed into the prim, it will run and it will check that all the note cards are present and correct, that the email scripts and memory script is present, it will read the config card and it will wait for the start time that is set in that card to pass, and open voting when it does. When the end time for the election passes, the machine will close voting and sent the verification codes to the 5 officials by email, so that they can validate that the results from the machine are genuine.