SLSA Officer Roles

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The SLSA is managed by an elected Board of five Directors. Directors are elected for 6 month terms.
'Half' board elections are held every 3 months, to keep the officers rotating and to limit the burden on any individual.

When elected to the Board, Directors take on one of the following 5 areas of responsibility (in addition to their collective responsibility to run the SLSA according to the SLSA Constitution):

Remember that all directors are responsible for all of these tasks and to assist other directors when needed.
In addition to the 5 Officer positions there are two permanent Avatar Agent accounts that hold SLSA Funds, they are:

  • Surf Rang - Holds funds for managing and running surf competitions, including staff fees and competition prize winners.
  • Salsa Waverider - Holds funds for paying rental Tier for the SLSA's Home Sim.

In addition to the 5 Officer Roles and 2 Avatar Accounts, there are Competition Event Staff Roles that coordinate and operate competitions, they are:

  • Event Coordinator - Setting up the event and working with the Host Sim, coordinating staff on competition day
  • Head Judge - Organising the Judging panel, Operating the Competition Scoring system, Ruling on competition incidents.
  • Judge - Two judges in addition to the Head Judge, Judge each surfers waves, provide input to Head Judge on incident rulings.
  • Marshal - Checking for board, script and clothing compliance, coordinating with judges to release surfers to their waves.
  • Security Officer - Setting up Surf SIM Access control, overseeing spectator behavior.
  • DJ - Playing music, Making Sponsor Announcements, Making Event Progress Announcements to voice.