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Sally LaSalle is a resident of Secondlife and a member of the SLSA.
Hi :) .. I have been a director of the SLSA for five 6-month terms as well as some interim terms. I enjoy participating in the SLSA and the surfing community in general. I am a sysop on this wiki as well as the remaining founder administrator of the SLSA forum and main web site. In SL I own and maintain the Surf Sims Chi and Tai which are now approaching 7 years of age and are the longest continual running surf sims in SL. I have been a head-judge and judge for the SLSA since its inception and have officiated 35 SLSA competitions. I am the creator of the SLSA Surf scoring Hud and Computer system, the marshall relay system, and the SLSA voting machine. I have enjoyed learning how to script since joining Secondlife, its been a whole new skill that is both fun and rewarding.