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General Changes Required ...
Indent Numbering needs to be consistently applied throughout
1.0 needs grammar corrections. and acronym SLSA needs to be introduced
1.3 acronym SLT needs to be defined
1.4 needs clarification that its the top 20 positions in the pro that are being filled, by the 20 highest ranking surfers that actually register .. etc ...
1.5 we need a sub clause for when there is less than 15 in the Open, on how they progress to the PRo
1.6 this needs clarification for the case where a surfer is a standby and is then called and no-shows at the pro
1.7 grammar correction needed and 'event' used instead of 'competition'

3.0 the wording of this needs to be disambiguated, to make it clear that the "legal" surfboard for a competition is defined by the sign up topic, this in turn needs to pre-set by the slsa board pre-season in a section on venue selection.

4.0 Definition of what a rashguard is for purposes of this rule .. ie .. a color designator with the title sponsor logo, worn on the upper body. also define where and when the colors are assigned.

5.0 needs grammar correction.

6.0 needs disambiguation for the cases where a) a standby is available and b) when there is no standby available. penalty for failure needs to be specified

7.0 add a check for attached scripts

8.0 needs to be changed for case where one judge crashes, and for case where two or more judges crash or are unsighted.

11.0 needs updating,

12.0 we need consistency between the terms Competition and Event throughout the rules

13.0 we need a rule for rank seeding .. in the case where two or more surfers have the same rank points after discards

and a shit load more .....

will be posting a version i made a year ago which is more comprehensive.

Need a method for assigning surfers to Open Mini-Final for 3 heat and 5 heat Opens
Need a method which spells out the seeding position of surfers in the ranking table when they have the same point total
Need to define in the event rules, what a missed wave is for non-phantom waves, and for phantom waves (fluffies)
Need to define circumstances for re-do's and what happens if a surfer or a judge crashes during a wave.