TL;DR Amateur Rules

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The SLSA Amateur Surfing Competition is a new series that will run in parallel with the normal PRO surfing series, on the same day before the PRO heats. The Amateur Competition will be open to surfers that have never done a surfing competition before, in a fun friendly low-stress way.

Amateur competition surfers will be able to participate in up to two seasons. BTW Participating in the Amateur comp is not a requirement to participate in the PRO competitions, if you wish you can compete directly in the PRO competitions.

There will be two seasons of Amateur competitions per year. Each Amateur season will consist of five surfing competitions, one per month.

There will be notices in the SLSA group that will inform you when you can sign up for the competitions.

A heat draw will be prepared and you will be assigned a color that is used to order your turn to surf a wave. Red surfs first, blue surfs second, green surfs third etc

Each surfer in turn surfs a wave until all surfers have surfed three waves.

Each surfer's wave is scored by three judges, looking for Style, Length and Tricks for a maximum score of ten.

Your best two wave scores are added to give your heat score, a maximum of twenty.

The top three scoring surfers in each heat then surf in a final.

Your overall place is then ordered by your score from highest to lowest.

That's it!

There will be a presentation for first, second and third place after the final.