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the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

An Introduction to the SLSA
The SLSA was formed in June 2007 by Flynn Sheridan, Seano Osumi, Cierra Theriac, Kimmy Leroux & Malcolm Sydney, in consultation with the emerging SL Surfing community.
The SLSA was formed primarily to provide an organization that would share amongst it's members, the tasks required to organize and run surfing competitions in Secondlife.
This wiki also includes a continually updated history of the SLSA.

the SLSA Wiki

Why do we need yet another SLSA Web Site thingy, and what is different about this?

The Wiki is not the same as the main website, the main website is the 'public face' of the SLSA, and a summary of current events and basic information.
The Wiki is not the same as the forum, the forum is a place for discussion, SLSA news and announcements and competition registration. Forum updates by nature need to be personal and immutable.

the SLSA Wiki is a place where any member of the SLSA can write and update information about the association, and about any surfing related information their devious minds can come up with.
The wiki is a place where information can be structured in a way that provides a quick index and table of contents for surfing related matters.

what's in the SLSA Wiki?

Pretty much whatever you want to be!! but we could have for instance:-